Take my hard throbbing cock and stiff balls in your incredible mouth.

I want to lick your sexy thighs and slowly work my way to your sexy pussy and suck those pussy lips into my mouth and nibble on them while I stroke your sexy thighs until you cum then lick up all your cum and give you a good, long, hard and deep fucking and fill your pussy with my cum.

Slowly use my fingers to tease along the inside of your thighs, before running along there with my tongue. Then I would slowly kiss around your tummy, while my erect, throbbing four inch cock slides around your pussy, my knob teasing and rubbing against your clit. Slowly I go back down and use my tongue to tease your clit. Slowly running up and down it, before I wrap my lips around it and start to suckle softly and gently on your tasty clit. I slowly suckle away, feeling your thighs press against my head, feeling your hips move and shiver, feeling your hands hold my head in place. I can taste your excitement, I can taste your pussy juices as they start to flow and trickle along my lips and chin. I continue to work you as your hips thrust and shiver. Soon, I'm bringing the throbbing head of my stiff, four inch cock up to your pussy. Ever so gently I push the head inside, before I push all the way in. My hips start to thrust, as my lips find your nipples. With a gentle suckling, I can feel your tasty, sexy nipples harden in my mouth. My lips continue to work your nipples before I start to use my hands to work your breasts. My fingers massage your gorgeous, tender breasts, while I start to kiss you passionately. My hips thrusting and grinding with yours, as we both build towards an orgasm. I hold on, my thrusts gaining slight speed as my hips move in time with yours, before we both moan in pleasure as we cum together. As my cock starts to become flaccid with the last squirt of cum entering your pussy, I lie with you, I softly suck your thumb and massage your breast, as my cock rests gently against your pussy. I would slowly slide my tongue up and down your gorgeous lips. Each time I would move my tongue in a little deeper. I would continue this, working you up and getting you excited, before I gently start to softly lick your gorgeous clit. I feel the way your body reacts with pleasure to my touch, so I start to wrap my lips around your clit gently, before softly suckling on it, much like I'm going to softly suckle on your tits later on. With my lips and tongue working your yummy clit, I build you up to the plains of pleasure and hold you there for as long as I can. After I use my mouth, I would gentle penetrate you and slowly pump and grind away, my knob rubbing against your clit as I gently massage your breasts while kissing you, before I take your thumb in my mouth and suck on it as my cock starts pumping cum in you. I'm hungry now Let me tongue 👅 fuck you. I'll lick your lips sucking on them.Kissing them too. Flicking my tongue on your clit I'll go side to side then up and down like my lesbian friend told and showed me how to do. I slide in a finger 👉 then two✌ and three. Wiggle my fingers I work in another finger in your back door then another. I'll keep licking, kissing and flicking your pussy and clit. As I finger fuck your holes I can feel my fingers from the small membrane between your pussy and your ass.Rubbing your bean (G~Spot) making you CUM so hard and much that it sends you into orbit! I would taste eat n suck your delicious pussy until you are soaking wet 💦 then I would turn you over and from behind slowly slide my curved cock deep into you to hit the right spot and massage your cervix until we both squirt like a fountain of body fluids 💦 and after a little kiss and caress we start again … ❤️ I'd start by slowly kissing your inner thighs, from left to right. Going very close, almost touching your pussy with my lips as I switch sides. Then after that I'd start focusing on the center. Slowly feeling my way around with my tongue, then with more intensity, and then more speed. After that, who knows?