Take my hard throbbing cock and stiff balls in your incredible mouth.

Don't matter, I'd bite it softly, as it becomes harder bites, as I finally pull on it with my teeth, pain and pleasure.

I'm sure you're not cold. You exude so much white hot energy to ever feel a chill. You are horny and need a man who can sensually explore your body and bring you to heights of pleasure that only you could comprehend and enjoy to the point of being completely spent and resting comfortably in my strong arms, until you are prepared for the next round of pleasure.Mmmmm. If my mouth engulfed as much of your perrrrfect breast as possible. Would you be horny or cold. I know I would certainly be very warm to say the least mmm. Rolling this hard nipple in my mouth, letting my tongue flick over it as my fingers find their way to some place warm and wet to play.Good times. They look perfect ,would like to rub my helmet on your pert nipple's and suck my pre cum from them ,feel them harden in my mouth mmm x x. Horny OR cold.No matter. Either way, I'm going to play with it and suck on it.And it's soooooo awesome to just look at, too.