Take my hard throbbing cock and stiff balls in your incredible mouth.

Wow.Very nice. But I think I've convinced myself that I'd probably do a lil more than kiss those things. Beautiful!

Beyond magnificent extremely sensuous mesmerizing view of your luscious perfect tits! So wanting to kiss, teasing run my experienced tongue around first one mouth watering nipple then the other caress and sucking them ever so good, fingers running down between you legs feeling how excited you are getting dripping fingers massage your delicious nectar into those erect nipples and sucking them again and again! And its only the beginning of our erotic adventure! I absolutely agree. I'd cup your breasts lightly and guide each nipple in turn to my waiting mouth.To circle the tip of my tongue around them, brushing them against my mouth before taking them inside to be sucked deeply. Alternating between them to keep both swollen and stiff, while my attention on them sends waves of delicious tingles down between your thighs, creating moisture and inducing those delicate, velvet soft lips to swell ready for my tongue. I can’t believe that I haven’t given this part of your body the attention that it deserves yet. I’ve been so caught up in your legs and where they lead that I didn’t fully appreciate how fantastic it would be to cup you while you bounced astride me. I’m at full attention now, I assure you. Would love to kiss them, lick them and suck them. Wrap my lips around each one as I swirl my tongue around your nipple. Feeling your nipples harden in my mouth. The thought is making me harden as well. Mm i love the sexy curves and gorgeous shape of your stunning tits. Those big nipples just beg to be sucked, pinched and pulled.