Take my hard throbbing cock and stiff balls in your incredible mouth.

Probably for the same reason women like men to be.No to pause to remove a stray hair.You just lick, suck and enjoy. You are gorgeous btw.Shaved or not.

The flow of a woman’s body I would say. Starting at your gorgeous eyes, your cheeks, fantastic lips. Flowing down the crest of your neck, your collarbone and onto your magnificent nipples. Your waistline that goes for days, the ridge of your hip line and against your inner thigh, past your perfect little ass and against your magnificent puss. And onto your amazing legs. It’s all a flow on affect. Seeing your beautiful body as it talks to us it’s exciting. Keeping it shaved allows for the mind to completely take you all in. So I like them all, each is differently exciting. Smooth has an image of detail and no hair in your mouth. Super Hailey is equally exciting and holds delightful aromas and I have no issue with your pussy hair in my mouth.It is you I am pleasing. Yup, I love them all. Let's assume you're talking about young guys . some of us older men can appreciate the smooth look, but are fond of the woman au naturale. Fair to say you make the grade either way. A little bit of bush on top but the lips have to be clean I don’t like hair in my mouth or stick in my teeth after I eat your pussy till you scream for me to stick my cock in you. I don't! I like a lot off bush, something to hold the juices. Let it set for a day, get good and ripe. Then it is tasty. Getting a hard on just thinking about it.