Take my hard throbbing cock and stiff balls in your incredible mouth.

I would concur. It needs a deep, soft sucking while getting teased with the tip of my tongue.

The ONLY reason why my mouth is not sucking on that gorgeous nipple.Is because this damn screen is preventing me from doing so. If not for that ONE ISSUE, I would be giving those titties the attention they deserve. Oh, and speaking of attention.Something seems to have come to attention here, just thinking about that.So I'm going to have to give it some attention of its own, thanks to the motivation provided by your naked titty.With that BEYOND AWESOME erect nipple.YUM! Now that deserves some clover clamps while riding on top of me.I'd love to see those clamps bounce while you ferociously ride my cock. I;d love to see your face while you're riding me, expressing both the pain and the anxiety and lust instigated by that same "pain" and increasing your sexual arousel, which makes you bounce my cock even harder. My mouth and tongue as well, both soft and firm, exquisite. Reminds me of a cherry sitting high atop a pillowy mound of vanilla ice cream. Love to tease and tickle it with my tongue then put my whole mouth over it and gently nibble and suck ! It's better than any TV dinner. No need to heat it up.It's ready to be enjoy and not even wrapped.